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Episode 1

“But Mom, you shouldn’t put butter on top of the Virgin Mary!” How to draw designs on your breakfast—hot live toasting video included!

If you don’t know already, Eddie Jabbour believes that maps are not 1:1 representations of the real world. And he’s going big time. Tufte wins big time.

The 10th Annual Arrrt Directors Invitational Master Class was not only set nicely in a faux-distressed typeface, but also featured 150 action figure of its attendees, done in pirate style. “Arrrt Directors.” Get it? Get it? Via John Nack.

Wooah, “the world’s first terapixel image” is here! It sizes at 1,095,630 x 939,485 pixel and 2975.94GB (!) Via John Nack.

If you don’t know that Panic is an amazing software company, and that their web ad (served on The Deck) is actually pleasing and enjoyable to look at, you missed out on a lot of things.

Microsoft is finally releasing an update that will allow Windows Vista and iTunes/iPod to play well together. Download it here.

In case you think that Adobe’s new CS3 iconset took the lazy route, Pariah S. Burke’s Quark vs. Indesign just finished an icon replacement contest. On another news that I got from TUAW, Joshua Bryant had also posted some alternatives. Hmm, I see a pattern here.

Ironically, Disco, the Mac CD burning application that’s notorious for its surrounding release hype and UI eye candy (ooh, smoke effect!), sported a Windows-esque packaging.

Yes! Seeing the image of famous spiritual figures on your plates is now socially funny, whether you’re serving an Irish dish at that time or not!

Noted without comment: The four-thousand-year history of man’s attempt to create ever smaller writing. Via The Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society.

Tom Raftery said it best, Hotmail—now rebranded as ‘Windows Live Hotmail’—is much more Microsoft and less Windows Live. If they give uncrippled Firefox and full Safari support, I’d change my mind.

This edition’s question: Why is David Carson such a contemptible but brilliant guy? Put your answer in the comment and maybe I’ll throw in something in the mail and send it to you.


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