Bram Pitoyo, Christine Vo, Links

Episode 2

Now that one of my partners have joined Link En Fuego, we shall proceed with the usual mish mash of hypertext products.

The URL is dead. Mark these 3 words. Kristin and the good people at Amplify Interactive would be very busy, I’m sure.

“game programming is one of the least rewarding exercises for some folks.” Even for kids, who themselves do love to play games, said. I have to digress. Mountain Dew and Dominos pizza are what today’s kids live off of.

On the 50’s anniversary of Helvetica (that was 2 days ago,) I present to you this classic: The Scourge of Arial, written by the great Mark Simonson.

Just so you know: if you work in television just like John Christopher Burns, the time before graphic computer was used is considered ancient. I have to say that I’m partial to the gradient lines, though, it’s so well done.

Phobos, a web app framework, is actually being presented in an easy-to-digest screencast for us non techies! Look, ma, no compiling! Via The View from the moon.

Catalana de Tipos have some yummy ligs for us type nerds. I have a hunch that textaxis might have something to do with this.

Weird Wheels at Via the always fun Show & Tell.

Look, all this talk on collective intelligence reminded me too much of the excellent discourses at Ragged Trousered Philosopher and that last scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Now you can get your pet hamster to play a Fugue for you. Via Coudal Partners.

Woah, the “strange towers of the Third Reich” is not only phallic, but also built to “withstand the destructive power of WWII bombs and heavy artillery.”

Claire Zulkey had started writing a scene out of words from email spam. Profound.

There’s no contest for this shorter episode because I’m still waiting for an answer to Episode 1’s quiz: “Why Mr. Carson garnered a polarizing array of opinions from designers and typographers alike.” You will get tchotchkes mailed to your postal address, but only if your answer is typographically sound.

Now go and formulate your argument.

UPDATE: Today’s new word is Ducksauceology. “Despite any disagreement about what duck sauce is, everyone knows that there’s no duck in it and that you don’t use it on duck.” Nicely written.