Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 3

Firstly, the famed Bacon Scarf is now not only available in Shopsin’s site (which is where it was always before) but also on Coudal’s Swap Meat. Rejoice!

Photograph of vintage audio and recording equipment from days long gone, made of paper, in mini sizes. My brother will take note over this. Via Coudal Partners.

This one’s for me: 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know. Via Coudal Partners.

Another 2 from Coudal that’s too interesting to miss: Gertie’s Matchbox and her father-in-law’s Orangepaper collection.

“Look out, Gracie! With Zenith Space Command TV I can change programs from across the room”, so awesome. Via Daring Fireball.

Bevy proved that beer and music truly go together, and iRosary proved that, well, it’s possible to “reciprocally uses the significance of both objects as practical commodities on the one side and symbolic signs on the other and only changes the objects to a minimum extent.”

UPDATE: it had suddenly came to me that this scene is oxymoronic in every possible way. On the left you have singer extraordinaire, Jonathan Coulton, and on the middle, the Merch Girl. What’s oxymoronic about the scene, you ask? Well, Mr. Coulton tried to buy his own merchandise from the lovely Merch Girl whom he hugged, in hope of boosting his revenue by means of subliminal suggestion (ie. “Wow! Somebody actually buy those shirts. Let’s buy them, too”) though Mr. Hodgman—who had planned to do a thing in that sort of nature with his MySpace page—had said that doing so would only “cause the universe to collapse upon itself.” So there you have it, band members and singers have been properly warned. Good night.