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Interlude: Visualize Possibilities

This is possibly the most inspiring, thought-laden name for a blog—ever. What I find so ironic is that the said name sounded like a tagline that I designed for one, a new credit+debit+gift card concept or some kind of corporate tagline.

But with that being said, they do have what could possibly be the only MEME Guideline on the web.

And their tags are pretty darn poetic, too. Observe:

  • Tech-knowledgy
  • Tasty video goodness
  • Earthly wholeness
  • Religious religiosity
  • Relationships Ahoy!
  • My happy money
  • UPDATE: okay, the tag “Creative creativity” pretty much tops it all off.

    That, if you ask me, is worthy of Link En Fuego coverage.


    2 thoughts on “Interlude: Visualize Possibilities

    1. Hey, there! We swear we could feel the love even before we were emailed with your trackback! Thank you so much for recognizing the beautifi-sense that is Visualize Possibilities. And if by “darn poetic” you mean “truly cheesy” I am so with you! 😉

      Now we get to see what you are all about! Thanks for the Mother’s Day gift.

      With playful playfulness,

      Heather Flanagan

      PS. My name link will take you to some other projects of mine. We are hosting VP on our own.

    2. Bram Pitoyo says:

      You’re very welcome! But you know what’s so funny? I did have a thought of checking your name’s URL—well, I did checked it out and it took me to a webmail login window 🙂

      This blog is a repository of ephemera that I found on my daily net meanderings. Try going here when you’re stuck for ideas. Your blog I love because it seems to have thoughtful, pensive contents.

      Happy Mother’s Day!

      Bram Pitoyo

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