Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 4

First off: Hermi, here’s the vintage camera museum link that you requested.

A commercial that looked too much like Röyksopp’s Remind Me. There’s another music video that’s quite like them, but since I forgot the link, I shall update you all later.

Welcome back, Brad, Ryan and Keegan! Big Noob is online again. Just so you know, they’re the guys behind VIRB. And should they ever read this post, I personally think that VIRB’s site verbage was too vague. I mean, I know that it does so many things (“Musical, photographical, videoical, everythingical.”)—but I think that you have to narrow them down, or at least define the features specifically.

And speaking of VIRB, I want my headshot to look like Mr. Rubin’s (shown in his profile pic), who has a portfolio that’s all band-like and lomo-like. More of it here.

Ladies and gentlemen, the humping dolphin fresco.

Woah! MySpace. Is. Featured. In. Signal vs. Noise!

Just how fast is Mac OS X’s perceived performance? Boom-fast, says Steve.

How could I possibly miss this? Last year’s lecture by the great Cyrus Highsmith, transcribed!

Noted without comment: “The Circumcellions…religious practice consisted of delivering random beatings to strangers along the road, with the purpose of goading the strangers into killing them. If that didn’t work, they just threw themselves off a cliff instead.” Via Coudal Partners.

In case you didn’t know what Viagrograine, Fukitol, Ritalout and Anti-Gerasone are. Via Coudal Partners.

Ooh, it’s another one of those land photographies which objects look like toys.

The contest still remains. Check the end of Episode 1 and post your answer. Much thanks. Good night.

UPDATE: I completely forgot to put the links to the “pyramids” of Visoko. Quoted from the article: “the “pyramids” of Visoko are nothing more than oddly shaped hills, the product of tectonic uplift…Which means this phenomenon is about something else: how one man’s wacky New Age vision grew into a collective national fantasy.” Thank you, thank you and thank you, Coudal.