Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 5: Friends Edition

Marie, you’ll love this cookie and we should extend the concept to other products as well. I’m thinking the bun of Henry’s Herb-Grilled Chicken sandwich that you never eaten in whole.

Jen, so you said you like Origami? And finally, a shiny new technology that would allow you to personally listen to your music—without a headphone.

Hermi, this poster would work great if you apply it to, say, the Jamie Cullum DVD concert and then hang it on your wall.

Tori, these visuals are so ready for your brilliant headlines—and Gary would also love them. PS. let me know when we can work together again and crank out some great copy. Tea Zone optional.

Whoa, Christine, now you can literally see through Andy’s eye!

Below are two entries from the New York Times that are of regular “Link En Fuego” in nature.

  • To further prove my obsession over simplicity and culinary tastefulness, I shall point you to an article on how to equip a no frills, working kitchen for under $200. Notice how the author is also known as “The Minimalist.” So perfect.
  • Just so you know: Napoleon’s “100% all-beef thermometer” is, in fact, looking more like “a maltreated shoelace, or a shriveled eel.” The illustration that accompanied it was just as bad, methinks.

    IMPORTANT: the “David Carson psychographic/behavioral analysis” contest is still up and can be seen at our 1st Episode. Did I mention that the best answer might get some trinkets sent along his/her way?

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