Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 6

The idea of living and even running your companies with apps that are 100% web are not impossible. Via the last month-launched Fortuitous.

Eat this, Mr. Kubrick! Note the “hit things with stick” sign.

Eeeee! A book about 60 alphabets, all in hand-set type! Mr. Lurie-Terrell of Typographica fame would love this because a) he’s a font geek, and b) he’s also an Arts & Crafts geek (unlike Mr. Coles, who is all crazy about modernism and even had a blog about it. If he ever come up to Portland, he should visit Hive.)

What do you get when you mix beautiful typography and succulent dessert—like, say, Tiramisu with Marsala and Crème Fraîche—all in one posting? “Cake porn,” wrote the author.

And while we’re on that subject, Taylor Lane Typography.

How do you spell ‘Twitter’ in poetry?.

Everyone, take note: gallery of business cards. And when I say ‘business card,’ please take it loosely.

Christine Vo, Links

Cimbrian Advertising/Design :: Technology : Marketing : Results. A great site just to check out and see what’s out there today. They have sample work in Advertising, Public Relations, Design and Interactive Media stuff. The main splash page is amazing.

*Bram and Cherish: you gotta check it out, i was just looking up packaging products and somehow it lead me to this website that explains my concept of my website SO WELL.. I just have different elements. It’s great!