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Episode 7

To start off, two ad goodness that I got via John Nack:

  • Comedy Central. Hitler’s got a small do-do, and
  • 42 Below. Who says that clip art doesn’t sell?
  • Middle Eastern music videos are moving from the ones where “…singers wandered uncomfortably around cheap sets of palm trees and fountains, bemoaning their lost loves” to “…I came up with red glasses and I had bleached hair and I was on guitar and I had like these jeans, I was representing my generation.”

    Yes, many people hates Mac, but I’ve never seen someone who evangelizes Internet Explorer 7 so fervently. I mean, come on, what kind of people advocate the use of a non standard-compliant web browser? In a twist of irony, he ripped off Firefox grassroot campaign. The similarities? Both sites have heinous typography on their mastheads. The Firefox is better (lose the gradient, please) but the one on Macs Suck site is a sin against all the Ten Commandments of Typography.

    While we’re talking on that subject, if there’s indeed a Ten Commandments of Typography, David Carson would be satan himself. This could be good or bad.

    These vector illustrations are not my style. These ones, however, are more like it. Mad, mad, mad Illustrator skills. Via John Nack.

    Al Gore’s got a sweet rig, yo.

    The return of Coudal’s Photoshop tennis. Watch this space closely, friend.

    Just so you know, list of the best and worst airport to sleep in. Via Coudal Partners.

    And lastly, I can assure you that my kids will have these fine luxuries as their first toy.


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