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Interlude: My Brother

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that some three-hour ago my brother, who also happens to be an illustrious wunderkind of many talents, had posted a birthday comment that is addressed to me right on this blog. Indeed, yesterday the 21th of May was my birthday. How was he able to connect to a wireless network on the campus, or how did he know that Episode 7 was so ripe for a comment, I don’t know; but so it is.

Therefore, I shall now commend you to visit and subscribe to his excellent proceedings on MySpace, which will contain approximately the same kind of content as this blog, but with actual complete paragraphs in it, annotated thoroughly with substantial cogitation on various matters that are, for starters, actually useful.

So please email your further gratitude his way at krizpiyo at yahoo dot com.

Thank you to my brother’s kindness to pay a visit to this blog. Thank you also to Corey Cory Brubaker, who spared some of his precious time inbetween drinking the tea tonic and working on his Macbook to comment on the origami link.

We thank you for your support. Good night.


4 thoughts on “Interlude: My Brother

  1. cwbrubaker says:

    Haha!! Bram, I love how in the midst of your deep web exploration of advertising knowledge and enlightenment you pay stop to pay homage to individuals like myself whom admire your work. Thank you my friend.

    P.S. I’ll forgive you this once for miss spelling my name. Its C-O-R-Y.

  2. Cory,

    First, do you want to be a Link En Fuego author? You seem to have a repository of fun links in your bookmark; and if you browse often, might as well blog it, right?

    Second, Gary would say that “pay stop to pay homage” is not a proper sentence. Haha…

  3. Haha, here I am trying to provide correction to the improper spelling of my name and I botch a rather general use of english grammar. I’ll put my dunce cap on now, thank you.

    Sure, I’d love to by a Link En Fuego author. I recently found some really cool links that would help push the inspirational qualities that make up Link En Fuego. I only hope that my occasional grammatical errors can be taken lightly, received with sarcasm and pointed out immediately with BOLD CAPTIONS ;).

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