Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 8

Hermi, I officially declare that camera tossing is the next big thing in photography! Okay, if it’s not, then it sounds like a lot of fun to do on summer nights. The instruction is here.

Well, it’s about time that somebody take the Creative Suite 3 icons and either a) spice them up, or b) take them to the next level. Apparently, this guy is behind it. Blasphemy! Via Typophile and TUAW.

The Morning News 2007 Editors’ Awards for Online Excellence has been announced. A must read. Via Daring Fireball.

Glad to know that Dinner In The Sky is up (no pun intended) and running. I read about this a few months ago but saw it again on Coudal Partners this morning.

This is the reason why I would never become an architect like my mom, even though international architecture magazine like this can be downloaded for free and the phrase “I have no life” can also apply to the ad industry.

And while we’re on that subject, my kids will be granted the privilege of watching this excellent video and playing around with this site.

Sorry, Jen, now we can’t complain that we’re not great graphic designers because making stuff look good in their context has become so ridiculously easy.

I told ya, the Rieses were right all along, ‘divergent’ products will trump its ‘convergent’ rival any day of the week. James Surowiecki wrote on people’s tendency to like, but their inability to cope with, barrage of features in a product. Via Signals vs. Noise.

Bill Higgins on ‘uncanny valley,’ The Simpsons and “desktop app in a web browser.” Via Signals vs. Noise.

I think that this is a great way to present user ratings, and that other sites will soon follow in Summize’s footstep.

While I only have the slightest idea of what this site might mean in English, I have no doubt that the public transit map design in Russia is alive and well.

The Enertia geo-solar home can heat and cool itself by working like the earth’s atmosphere. I have to read this tonight. Via Pogue’s Post.

Richard Sweeney’s paper sculptures just owned the Origami big time.

“Every conscious moment is like waking up for the first time. New information…’melts like snow, leaving not a trace’.” The Death of Yesterday made me appreciate every second of my life.

The two above links are taken from The Proceedings of The Athanasius Kircher Society.

On the Upper Nile, a man was “forced to ‘marry’ goat.”

The Simpsons’ take on Charles and Ray Eames’ Powers of Ten produces the best intro in the series history, I think.

And to close this post, Jessica Hagy’s sublime observation on the similarity between tax fraud and online dating. Good night.