Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 9: Snapshot Edition

My gosh, this picture of Mr. Hawking makes me appreciate my life.

Just so you know, a dumbo octopus neither look like an octopus or an elephant. Presenting the amazing lifeforms from the depth of Monterey Bay. I personally dig this Ping-Pong tree sponge.

A croc bites off a man’s hand. All I gotta say about it is that I’m glad that the man was able to fully recover it.

If it looks like a snake and lives like a snake, it may just be the new limbless lizard species that’s discovered in India.

Mon village, ceux qui n’oublient pas is loaded with both beautiful illustration and fine typography. I mean, get a load of those swashes!

One word: TROGDOR.

Another set from that blog. Ooh, so that’s how the ‘Ideal view of marine life in the Carboniferous Period’ might’ve looked like.

The Camouflage House. Via Coudal Partners.

“Just a bite of the bacon was too salty and yearned for the sweet kiss of chocolate syrup.” The Bacon Candy Bar, ladies and gentlemen.

XM Satellite Radio: A Packaging Proces Overview. People always thought that industrial design is this ethereal piece of knowledge that can bestow beautiful objects upon its practitioner rather effortlessly; while in reality, a lot of rough sketches and crappy ideas must be generated before ‘the good one’ finally emerges. Via Signal vs. Noise.

And to close, one audio piece: Frank Lloyd Wright: The Mike Wallace Interview. Buy. It. Now. Via Signal vs. Noise.

UPDATE: I just found this video when I visited Youtube. It’s “500 years of female portraits in Western art”, condensed in 2:42 minutes. Amazing.