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The Most Unfair Computer Comparison In The World

Is pitting the 1986 Mac Plus against the 2007 AMD Dual Core in battles of perceived user performance (‘snappiness’) and ability to do basic, offline 9–5 work stuff (like running Microsoft Word.)

The winner? The Mac Plus, of course.

Why? The user ‘Artgoat’ wrote: “back in the old days when hardware was minimal and power was scarce, programmers cared a lot about maximizing user experience. Good programmers thought small, and took great pains to minimize timing cycles…Today everybody is very impressed by how many trillions of lines of code Vista takes. That kind of code volume sounds like the “infinite number of monkeys” eventually banging out an OS by random chance, rather than crafting it to be something small, swift and powerful.”

I’m afraid that pretty soon people will actually be willing to pay more for softwares that are simpler and leaner to run—with only the most necessary features—because they are so used to having feature-laden bloatwares—which they might not ever utilize to the fullest—running slow in their computer.

The good people at 37Signals’ Signal vs. Noise might like this.

Via Daring Fireball.


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