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May I Bring Your Attention To This Extravagantly Surreal But Otherwise Highly Practical Article?

It is A Game Theoretic Analysis about The Social Norm of Leaving The Toilet Seat Down. I got this via Daring Fireball.

In which, if you look at the masthead of the said blog, it’ll say that “…with respect to our name, we are as confused as you are.” Well said, gentlemen (that’s them), your analysis is both brilliantly profound and mind numbingly moronic. It is indeed worthy of Link En Fuego coverage.

I mean, okay, any blog that has the courage of putting both the word “htsdeismwaml” (How The Scientific Developments Elucidated In Science Magazine Will Affect My Life) and “hot science-y guy” on the same column, and the ability to publish an article on mouse that has no hair as a “quarterly pin up (!)” has got to be worthy of our coverage.