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Paying More For Simpler Things

As I said on the post “The Most Unfair Computer Comparison In The World“, people will pay more for programs that do less stuff in a more elegant way.

The proof came today (well, yesterday, actually) with the announcement of the June 29th iPhone release. I won’t explicitly restate my point again, but I’ll quote from conversation responses at this Neowin article (who, I agree, is chock full of trolls) that was meant to diss the iPhone but ultimately proved my theory. Witness:

Posted by black_death on 05 Jun 2007 – 04:21
“so its better to pay more for something thats [sic] easier to use and less useful than to pay less for something more useful but slightly more complicated to use (we’re talking about cellphones here, not nuclear reactors)?”

Posted by PieAnn on 05 Jun 2007 – 04:54
“agreed… and in fact most people will buy this because of the trend.
too expensive for less features.”

UPDATE: This response just came today from the same place.
Posted by habtro on 05 Jun 2007 – 12:57
I’m well aware of what you are referring to. As to what I was referring, people will be willing to pay that kind of price for that. This applies with ipod too, why would ipod be so successful comparing to other mp3 device? simple answer, simplicity.

See what I’m saying? I’ll leave you to your own conclusion. Good night.

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