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“The Reason Why I Opened Link En Fuego,” Or “Yesterday, While Cory Commented That I Am A ‘Sponge,’ I Wanted To Offer This Explanation”

It’s because “They [Giordano Bruno and Athanasius Kircher] both believed that it was worth pursuing every disparate field precisely because the fields were not disparate, but branches of knowledge intimately connected to one another…”

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I Also Have Two More Things To Say

One, that, surprisingly, though Apple did embed the user information in the DRM-free music files from iTunes Plus, they did not make the info hidden, encrypted, or hard to access in any way. Piracy lost. DRM lost (again.) Legitimate user wins.

Two, that the potential of seeing Web-2.0-flavored logos all around us five years from now might’ve inspired the London 2012’s designers to look ahead of that trend.

Bram Pitoyo, Interlude

Now That The 2012 Olympic Logo Had Set The Design World Ablaze

I shall clarify that—after looking at how people at Armin Vit’s SpeakUp (which, I think, is the Neowin equivalent of the design industry) hated it passionately, and how the guys at Coudal Partners thought that it represented a new kind of design aesthetic—my position in this case remains neutral.

If you ask me, the logo looks more ‘punk.’ More ‘indie.’ More ‘hipster.’ It’s David Carson and Neville Brody in technicolor. We shall wait and see.

However, it did brought up a good point in software/hardware development about not pre-announching something too early to simply garner hype from the public. Why? Because the danger of over-promise and under-delivery, and the potential of the project being vaporized is always real. But that’s quite another subject

I, for one, wonders how Herr Spiekermann would respond to the logo as he did on the 2006 World Cup.