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To Satisfy My Curiosity Of Finding Out About The Individuals Who Have Read This Blog

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The reason why this sparked my interest was because today I saw in the blog stats page that somebody stumbled here from the Ignorant Intelligence blog—which features excellent bits of wisdom posted on garish, web safe-y kind of colorbox set in Arial type—while I don’t remember to have ever linked there.

Anyway, that blog is also worthy of our coverage, and I thank you the author ‘adnohryak’ for visiting here. Good night.

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Episode 11

Yeah, “Philosophy for kids” and “Drunk booklet” sound like bad ideas, in a good kinda way.

Just so you know, the five-second rule is actually valid for thirty whole seconds. Toddlers everywhere rejoice!

The potato chips that the girl on the left hold has Nori in it, those wines are making me thirsty, and you can stretch your dollar aaaall the way by living in Chad or Bhutan. TIME’s illuminating photo essay, What The World Eats.

All via Coudal Partners.

To intermission, two jokes that, despite what the post title said, will also strike a rhyming note to ad people.

Q: How many art directors does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Does it have to be a light bulb?

Q: How many copyeditors does it take to change a light bulb?
A: The last time this question was asked it involved art directors. Is the difference intentional? Should one or the other instance be changed? It seems inconsistent.

And the aforementioned blog author explained, in full 11-bullet points length, why the WETPETS commercial beats even the “multi-million dollars ad campaigns.”

The Structure of Romantic and Sexual Relations at ‘Jefferson High School’” is all too true. Notice how the structure on the left represented a scary chain of boy-likes-girl-likes-boy-likes-girl ad infinitum and the couple on the bottom right is literally tearing each other’s clothes (or hearts) apart as we speak.

All via Yukihime.

PS. while we’re in the subject of fabulously bad advertising, I shall summon the courage to present to you the Flea Market furniture store TV spot.

ATTENTION: Fimoculous is a blog of the same nature as Link En Fuego, only it is much more organized—and thus may fill you up with informations that are actually useful. Its ‘Daily Links’ are topical, its ‘Predictions‘ similar to Link En Fuego (it even attempts to predict the matter of prediction itself), and its other sections neatly arranged to the finest order. I do have to warn you, though, that the -ulous suffix is nothing like the Web 2.0 URLs that had sprung up everywhere. With words like “self-perpetuating ecology”, “mono-parasite” and “homo-symbiosis” appearing in succession to each other—in one single paragraph—as well as the author’s ability to capture gems like this in picture, Fimoculous is worthy of Link En Fuego’s coverage.