Bram Pitoyo, Etc.

“Dumbo Octopus Explorer Sketches”—Without The Quotes

Is apparently one surefire term to find Link En Fuego on the very top of Google’s search result—the other one being, of course, “Link En Fuego.”

Good night.

Christine Vo, Graphic Design, Links


Hey guys!

So I’m sitting in rm 217 right now and there’s this post on the board that says,

“When you get a chance, go to
Read ‘Everything I know about design, I learned from the Sopranos’
(NOTE: I added a link to the said article for your convenience –Bram)

So since it’s finals I really need to study for my test that’s coming up in 15 minutes but it sounds interesting enough that I had to let you all know.

SO go check it out!

Good luck on Finals everyone!

O… and.. WELCOME HERMi & CORY! Great to have you guys on the team. 😀