Bram Pitoyo, Links

Episode 12

To start off, five excellent links from Coudal today:

Okay, I thought spending three minutes of your live watching a video featuring nothing but Microsoft PowerPoint transitions will be fun.

The Branding of Polaroid 1957–1977, or “How we beat Eastman Kodak and its little yellow boxes at point of purchase despite a clunky product and an irrelevant corporate name.”

Now you know where to find High Resolution Graphic Files of Care Symbols.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the reasons why I used flickr.

Little bitty scenery. Noted without comment, but aren’t they cool?

Two links from 37Signals’ SvN.

Apparently, optimism is now naïve and skepticism, largely expected. My God, if this is what we call post-postmodern, then give me my neaty grid-and-grotesk back.

Tim, TeamSnap will let you manage every sport team that your kids are in.

“…This product [TV-B-Gone] epitomizes the hypocrisy that your organization preaches by allowing one single critic of television to determine what the population at large may choose to watch. It is this very concept that you attack within the television industry…” Alex Italics’ letter that he sent to Adbusters, to which, as an account planner and art director, I said “Amen!”

And to close this episode off, browser wars: video edition. Good night.