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Episode 13: Now With A Touch More Analysis

“‘As soon as people started collecting weird and unusual things, the frauds started,’ says Rutter. ‘But the fakes are just as interesting to me. Reality is not the over-riding thing.'” Diane Maclean talks about mermaids, jackalopes and a (real, if I may note) one-eyed pig. Via Athanasius Kircher Society.

Just so you know, I’m getting a T-shirt that displays smallish specimens of Colossal Squid (juvenile) and its Giant counterpart at The Mcsweeney’s Store.

And you know that you’re supposed to run the maintenance script “sudo daily/weekly/monthly” every so often, right? Your Mac is supposed to run those scripts by itself—thereby keeping the system lean and well-oiled—but only if it doesn’t sleep at freaking 3:30 to 5:30 a.m. everyday. Since the percentage of Mac owners in the world who actually bother to stay up that late is minutiae at best (designer of various trades often belongs in this category) here’s a utility from Mr. Scott Russell that will make the job easier for normal people to manually run.

Much like what Jessica Hagy had done, emo+beer = busted career attempts to dissect pop music infographics style. Note, for example, that when properly reviewed, all the song in R Kelly’s Double Up album rates zero in ‘go to jail’ and the first diagram in the New York Times was at Summer Jam post was really how some typographers see the world around them.

In that vein, here’s Rob Harvilla’s “dissertation on the number one song in America“, This Is Why I’m Hot, in which he profoundly note that the said song played a major part in “reclaiming and re-energizing the word hot after years of abuse”.