Bram Pitoyo, Etc.

The User Friendly Cartoon Strip Had Once Again Predicted The Future

When it said that “in some years a vague notion will be the release version.” The proof? The word “beta” had now become derogatory.

Bram Pitoyo, Interlude

I Am Here To Inform You That Linda Cunningham, My Fellow At Typophile, Had Finished Her Excellent Flexagon Book

And that the said book is now available for your perusal at her blog.

Postscript: the book took a year to finish.

But what is flexagon, you ask? I have searched long and hard for the simplest explanation, and it turns out that the said concept is almost impossible to fully comprehend without some sort of demonstration, one of which I kindly present to you here.

“Okay,” you thought, “so that was the simplest explanation that you can offer me?” Yes, especially when you are faced with these kinds of sick, sick possibilities.

Is that worthy of Link En Fuego’s Interlude coverage? Of course.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc.

You Must Be Wondering About All The Activity That Link En Fuego’s Brilliant Authors Decided To Pursue This Summer Break

So without delay, here they are:

  • Hermicar went home yesterday night aboard a plane to Anchorage, wherefore she wrote—in a text message reply to yours truly—what could be the next best thing to hit the hip-hop lyric: “I havent [sic] even got off the friggin’ plane yet.” She planned to work in Starbucks and learn underwater basketweaving just off the coast of Alaska—something that has been impossible to attempt in Portland due to its high concentration of hipsters.
  • Cory had decided that the possibility of him working in the same Starbucks with his mom un in Seattle is so very exciting. He is now enjoying the atmosphere of the original Starbucks (which he called ‘ghetto-ish’) while discouraging the practice of bad nonfat milk frothing, mostly due to the slightly off temperature of the machine, all at the same time—a feat to rejoice.
  • Christine went to the great public display of the school works of graduating Art Institute students and other items of interest, which is another way to say “Portfolio Show.” She is still planning to get a bike, or somehow sneak into my garage, stealthily attempt to pass the laser emission apparatus securing a confined box made of solid titanium containing my bike key, get the said key and bring a bike home.
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