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This Is The Reason Why I Don’t Cover Every Facet Of iPhone Development And Surrounding News, Or, My Argument As Voiced By The User ‘leon’

Quoted and shortened from the Engadget article, this comment was the most profound analysis that I’ve seen around the said website:

“I would like to propose the argument that the iPhone is revolutionary because of all the fighting it has caused. Blogs and forums have become battlefields, where comments are the blows and news reports are the propaganda machines.

I would also suggest that haters and fanboys are very similar, just fighting for their respective team. Individuals who dislike the iphone or even the hype surrounding it, still seem to find these forums compelling because they can argue their negative points with a willing audience to feed back into them. The irony is they need fans to supply them interaction. fanboys are similar because they see the same opportunity to argue a point they believe is valid and worth caring about.”

And yet I still sometimes quote from the famed Neowin! Oh, the irony.