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When I Think Of The Term “Scientific Discovery”

I don’t usually have the word “cha cha cha” in mind, but apparently this guy had.

In looking back on centuries of scientific discoveries, […] a pattern emerges which suggests that they fall into three categories–Charge, Challenge, and Chance–that combine into a “Cha-Cha-Cha” Theory of Scientific Discovery. (Nonscientific discoveries can be categorized similarly.)

This guy also embraces the philosophy that unpredictability (chaos) and science (which is notorious for being immutably logical) closely interrelate. I can attest to its truth. Oh, he also happens to be the mind behind the Dyson brand. Is he a “heretic”? Of course. You have to be a heretic to be great. Eat that, statisticians. Good night.

Via Theorema Egregium, another great sounding blog full of no less intriguing curios.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

Forgive Me, Lord, For All These Years I Have Only Pursued Fruitless Eye Candies

Because, as quoted from The New Frontier:

Anyone hoping that Steve Jobs would make some sort of bombshell announcement during his keynote at the 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference came away disappointed…
…The relatively low number of significant changes to Leopard since WWDC 2006 is, more than anything else, a sign of OS X’s maturity.

Thank you, John Gruber.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

” ” to “”

WordService is a Mac extension that allows you to change dumb quotes into smart quotes with the simple press of Apple + Shift + ‘. Now I can finally have smart quotes in this blog (which I admit to never have) and TextEdit without resorting to the use of confusing HTML keys or WordPress plugins. This is one useful service, I think. Good night.

(UPDATE: Apparently, automatic Smart Quotes replacement works in WordPress’ blog title, so you will notice that this title has TWO apostrophes. It doesn’t work anywhere else, however.)