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When I Think Of The Term “Scientific Discovery”

I don’t usually have the word “cha cha cha” in mind, but apparently this guy had.

In looking back on centuries of scientific discoveries, […] a pattern emerges which suggests that they fall into three categories–Charge, Challenge, and Chance–that combine into a “Cha-Cha-Cha” Theory of Scientific Discovery. (Nonscientific discoveries can be categorized similarly.)

This guy also embraces the philosophy that unpredictability (chaos) and science (which is notorious for being immutably logical) closely interrelate. I can attest to its truth. Oh, he also happens to be the mind behind the Dyson brand. Is he a “heretic”? Of course. You have to be a heretic to be great. Eat that, statisticians. Good night.

Via Theorema Egregium, another great sounding blog full of no less intriguing curios.