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Just So You Know, Reincarnating In Tibet Without Government Permission Is Now Illegal

Right when you thought that they couldn’t hit any lower.

And so it is: in ten years, playing a barely religious track from an iPod knockoff will require prior fulfillment of all tax break form.

Note the italic.

Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, Song and/or Artwork Of The Moment

Song and/or Artwork Of The Moment III

Mohabbat Ka Khazana by Indialucia is a masterly fusion of two seemingly disparate musical styles, Spanish flamenco and Indian raga. I said ‘masterly’ because other attempts at producing such type of music usually falter to either end of the equations—unwittingly becoming more Spanish or more Indian. This one achieves that rare balance.

Nila by Walton Ford, the “Audubon on Viagra.”