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Three Sentences Best Define, Defy MTV

MTV, you pornographer, you segregationist, you imperialist, you coarsener of culture, you aborter of attention spans.

You plunderer of album rock, you late adapter of rap, you trivializer of politics, you abandoner of music.

You mocker of reality, you banisher of depth, you integrator of products, you destroyer of souls.

And, if I may add, you impuristas.

Good night.


3 thoughts on “Three Sentences Best Define, Defy MTV

  1. karinbinanto says:

    IMPURITAS.. bukan IMPURISTAS! gaya2 kok salah.. anyway, aku enjoy bgt baca blog mu.. lucu2 apalagi museum makanan ga jelas itu.. hahaa.. lucu2 ah pokokee

  2. karinbinanto says:

    belum.. hahaa.. mungkin akhir taun. karena semua urusannya mepet bgt.. i better take 16 units of online UCLA extensions for this fall quarter, then transfer it to my BA study.. besides it’s cheaper (i dont hv to spend too much on living expenses, the course fee is less expensive too), I can stay longer here with family.. 😉 we’ll have lebaran holidays.. haha.. but everything’s uncertain now.. so let’s see..

    by the way, how’s ur work? kapan lulus? kangen ni.. salam buat om irwan, tante mariana, dan sally.. dan fritz.. dan christine.. dan chris pitoyo.. too many of DAN?

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