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Song and/or Artwork Of The Moment VI

The Whistle Blower by The McDades, which I can only describe as featuring a yummy mixture of Celtic, Indian, Eastern European, Arabic and Celtic harmonies. And as if all those wasn’t enough, McDades wraps it tightly in a fusion of Bluegrass, Jazz and Folk music. Amazing amazing amazing.

The Lions Roar, visualized by the user spigumus and Mark’s interpretation. I am not sure if this piece was actually created befure Jarratt Moody’s infamous Marsellus Wallace piece, since it is almost a year old.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

I Always Knew That The “Geostationary Banana Over Texas” Project Is Deliciously Absurd

But, upon closer reading when visiting the site again, I just found out that they have an inspiring manifesto:

It has a multiplicity of meanings.
Because it is simple.  –and that is one reason.
As a message it has been hyper-simplified; it is synthetic.
A Symbol utilizing symbolisms,
An Icon, or.. an expression with an iconography synthesized to the point that might seem meaningless – with no point.
Useless and absurd. –that is what it is.
– “The Banana is a Joke to Stupidity”.
It is odd, oddity with a sense of humor (thanks to the banana)
Humoristic; unthreatening as an intervention.
– “I wanted to bring some humor to the Texas sky”
It is banal.
It is Visual.
It is a fiction. It is live 3D. It is surreal.
It is dream-like.
In the land of dreamers and the ones with faith.
A banana appearing in the Texas sky might seem like a ‘message’.
As a signal. (Perhaps to give direction or as a prophetic sign).

It is a Mark,
It is representation and
About showing presence.

The banana is ‘pop’ (and foreigner).
It is a common thing, and yet, it comes from far away.
– “..because  there are no bananas in Texas, at least no banana plantations. – bananas do not grow in Texas”.
This intervention has irony.
Like the paradox about localized actions with global dimensions.

This is a daring action, defiant like a cowboy act.
And the banana is macho and phallic, they say.

It is in Texas because it has oil,
and a lot of Walmarts, Exxons and Halliburtons. (and The Ranch)

It is a buffoon act, trying to impress…
Texan dominant Aerospace, and all the Gun Clubs.

At the end it as a Show, a banana in the sky is an odd celebration to spectacle,
to the advertisement industries; and to the Warhol Art.

It could use some work in grammar and flow, but it also gave me goosebumps—particularly the “In the land of dreamers and the ones with faith” and “This is a daring action, defiant like a cowboy act” bits—which is a very good thing.

Good night.