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I Usually Refrain From Covering Religious Matters (Though I Don’t Shy Away From Spirituality) But This Post From A Christian Has The Best Advice I’ve Seen All Day

That is,

So I say: Let’s every once in a while put aside our Christian Agenda (none of us are thinking that we don’t have one too, right?), and just listen to atheists. Let’s just hear what they’re saying, and what they’re thinking, and why they’re saying and thinking whatever they are.

Let’s actually respect them. Why not? How could such a thing possibly hurt us?

Who knows? If we listen to the atheists long enough, isn’t it just possible that we might actually learn something from them?

Exactly. Much like design, I think that a belief (or non-belief) will benefit from having more critical discussions, brutally honest dialogues, and the ability to laugh and rip itself apart, be it done SpeakUp or Coudal style.

Ding! Another connection. I hope you get it, too.

Anyway, Mr. Shore is indeed brilliant. Bookmarked.