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Friends, We Have Been Getting A Record High Number Of Visitors

97, to be exact.

But a note: most of them came from from

But what prompted this, and what exactly is

Maybe it is where the gods of GkBft reside, and they had overheard my request and decided to visitate?

We will never know unless someone enlighten. So please leave a comment.

Please note that “GkBft” is exactly how Geek Buffet would be written out if it were an acronym.

We thank you for your support. Please leave me a word and good day.


2 thoughts on “Friends, We Have Been Getting A Record High Number Of Visitors

  1. Dana says:

    Hola, Link En Fuego!

    Yes, grinnellplans is an online community inhabited by people who attend/went to Grinnell College, out in the wilds of Iowa. Most of the writers for Geek Buffet are in some way associated with Grinnell, and Plans often serves as a quick way for us to point things out to one another, such as links to items of interest on the interwebs, which you were so deemed.

    Alternatively, you may assume we are an almighty cabal with nefarious schemes, hidden behind a screen of mystery. But if I wanted to promote that idea, I probably shouldn’t have left this comment, should I?

  2. Hey!

    Geek Buffet sounds like Link En Fuego in every sense. We all attend the same college (The Art Institute of Portland) too, but three out of the four authors are on indefinite sabbaticals.

    Anyway, Geek Buffet seem to possess the same spirit as Link En Fuego, hence my interest in becoming a co author and all that; but you guys would probably already have enough troubles to deal with, with that many people fitting in one blog 😉

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