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Q: What Would You Call A Phenomenon Where “a story about German condom sizes being too large would” “ re-appear…on a regular basis, like seasonal articles that come out every year”—

—as said by Mr. Drew Curtis here?

A: Komkommertijd.

I thought it’s funny how there is a picture of real-world cucumbers on that page.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

As If One Internet Meme Was Not Enough To Generate Instant Lifetime Fame To Its Inventor

Somebody actually had to mash PostSecret and I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER together.

It’s an Alchemy to say the least. Alchemy with a capital ‘A.’

And while we’re in that subject, here is the grand list of all LOL-related phenomenon. Some notables are LOL Presidents, LOLCODE and Lolpilgrimes. Among these, I predict that those fair Medieval merrymen will be the next one up the meme chart.

And you wonder what else will these people think of next.

Via The Adventure of a Lifetime.