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Dear SexyCoolSuperSpy: One Could Not Help But Wonder,

That is, after seeing this particular image and the conversation that ensued, whether:

  1. Duduca (the gentleman on the left) could display a proper (read: non-stoned) smiling facial expression, and
  2. Dalvan (presumably, the other gentleman,) to this day, still display an unwavering admiration for the Chuck-Norris-look.

Thank you. Good night.


One thought on “Dear SexyCoolSuperSpy: One Could Not Help But Wonder,

  1. 1. No. He looks like that all the time (we’re assuming).

    2. He loves him some Norris. Be honest: who the hell DOESN’T?

    Frankly, I can’t believe you actually went and researched Duduca & Dalvan, but lo and behold, there they are… a simple Google search away.

    The Actress and myself don’t Google any of the bands or movies we lampoon because it keeps the strangeness of the image more fresh in our minds. Our humor works better when we’re confused… everything is based on first impressions only.

    Yet, as I’m now seeing, Duduca & Dalvan are all over the place. Well, good for them. Here’s hoping they wear clothing on most of their other album covers.

    Thanks again for the support. Later. 🙂

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