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John Siracusa: “Leopard’s new look has been compared to the Aero Glass look in Windows Vista…

…While I think there are few legitimate similarities, this comparison comes up as often as it does because the two designs share one prominent attribute: the gratuitous, inappropriate use of translucency to the detriment of usability.”

What I wrote when the transparent menu bar was announced last June:

So I was partly wrong, then, in hoping that Mac OS X will differentiate itself from Windows Vista by featuring less similar look (ie. more opaque vs. more transparent, white vs. black).

And my opinion regarding the Dock’s pseudo-3D look and reflection effect was:

“I feel that the said shadow is more of a gratuitous embellishment than subtle, pleasant design touch.”

So, dear reader, please remind me to “normalize” the Dock when I get my copy of Leopard next week by typing:

% defaults write no-glass -boolean YES
% killall Dock

At the Terminal prompt.

Good night.

(Thanks as always to John Gruber.)