Bram Pitoyo, Interlude, Links


I understand, design and love elegant sites and beautiful codes, but I cannot comprehend nor tame CSS (or anything that’s more advanced) for the rest of the day.

I need something that’s written for dummy, but also one that teaches me a way of thinking, not just writing lines of code. Every Web Design resource out there either:

Don’t misread me. I think that all of those sites are great resources. They just don’t fit my purpose. Too bad. I want philosophy, not tutorial. Paradigm, not example. And I believe that there is a whole new breed of ad grunt/print designer/account planner/typographer hybrids out there who are looking to learn a geeky programming language with an approach that’s closer to Bringhurst, Strunk–White or Tufte, rather than O’Reilly, Spolsky or A.L.A.

Any recommendations?