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I understand, design and love elegant sites and beautiful codes, but I cannot comprehend nor tame CSS (or anything that’s more advanced) for the rest of the day.

I need something that’s written for dummy, but also one that teaches me a way of thinking, not just writing lines of code. Every Web Design resource out there either:

Don’t misread me. I think that all of those sites are great resources. They just don’t fit my purpose. Too bad. I want philosophy, not tutorial. Paradigm, not example. And I believe that there is a whole new breed of ad grunt/print designer/account planner/typographer hybrids out there who are looking to learn a geeky programming language with an approach that’s closer to Bringhurst, Strunk–White or Tufte, rather than O’Reilly, Spolsky or A.L.A.

Any recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Confession:

  1. unthinkinglychris says:

    All of the smartest programmers i have ever met are completely useless with CSS and its because CSS IS EVIL. Once you learn it and you get into it it feels easy, almost fun sometimes, but, it’s kind of like you learned how to gut a deer and so you just hang out at renaissance festivals making handbags and riveted hats. The secret to avoiding the lifestyle is to quit now.

    Or you could just hack the shit out of it.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Hacking CSS sounds like something right up my alley. They say that the novel ideas are also the most obvious, and the DRY CSS plugin is one.

    Now if we can get Firebug/Drosera to hook up to the FTP server and automatically make visual change to your stylesheet *as you browse* your own site, in the wild, then we’ll be in business.

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