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Maybe This Is It:

The answer to my software/programming shortcomings: Hackety Hack, wherein 37signals’ Mark Imbriaco’s 13-year old kid learnt to build a program to roll dice by himself. To quote Hackety Hack’s website:

In this century, you may have dozens of programming languages lurking on your machine. But how to use them?? A fundamental secret! Well, no more. We cannot stand for that. Hackety Hack will not stand to have you in the dark!!

Beautiful, I’m downloading it right now. Good afternoon.

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From yesterday’s post, is this: if you want to teach me to dream in code, you have to teach me to think, and not just read and write, in code.

Remember, as much as we would like to say that a programming language is different that its real world counterpart, their operate under the same set of principle.

I think that people who wrote any software and programming literature should study an ESL book first before attempting to write a manuscript.

And herefore, Link En Fuego endorses Dreaming In Code for its portrayal of the souls behind the workstations.

Good night.