Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Interlude

I Know That “Universal Web Font Embedding” Is Both Controversial And Far-Fetched, At Least For The Moment—

—as said by Thomas Phinney, Stephen Coles and Håkon Wium Lie.

So, until then, I’ll stick to specifying a super-customized set of fonts for my website (that you may or may not notice, depending on either your a) Web coding aptitude, b) Type savviness or c) Accidental pushing of Apple/Control + Plus).


.alt {
color: #111;
font-family: "Arno Pro", "Warnock Pro", "Garamond Premier Pro", "Minion Pro", "Minion", "Adobe Garamond Pro", "Adobe Caslon Pro", "Adobe Jenson Pro", "Hoefler Text", "Goudy Old Style", "Garamond", "Palatino","Book Antiqua", Georgia, serif;
font-style: normal;
font-weight: normal;

Chances are, any modern PC or Mac would have at least one of those fonts in it, purportedly from the installation of any Microsoft Office or Adobe product that you probably have in your system.

“But!” you asked, “What about consistency, you pixel pusher?!” Well, of course the site will probably look different on every system that opens it due to different font configurations; but it doesn’t matter, because as faithful to the typographic convention as I may be, consistency isn’t my concern here.

I did it because you, dear readers, have spent too many gruelling hours facing Web-Standard-Policed Sites and UIs full of Lucidas, Trebuchets, Tahomas, Verdanas, Segoes (one would hope not), Couriers, Andales, and You-Know-Who (hint: it rhymes with “Ariel”), and you have had enough. You know that your creative eye deserve a break. A change of scenery. A little something to spice up those lazy black pixels. You can call it a little treat for your creative sight. I call it “Account Planning and Creative Research.”

So, enjoy. Let me know how and what I can do better. And I am really serious about the unkerned ‘V A’ letter-pairing, which seems to be a universal problem on any typeface that I specified on the stylesheet—though that is entirely another matter.

Good night.


One thought on “I Know That “Universal Web Font Embedding” Is Both Controversial And Far-Fetched, At Least For The Moment—

  1. Sharon says:

    Bram.. bram… ditanyain siapa sampe sekrang ga dijawab2. HAHAHAHAHA… Ayo blog saya didatengi supaya rame blog saya itu (bener ga sih ada hubungannya?)

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