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I Have To Remind Myself To Read These Excellent Articles

—thus unincidentally marking the sudden reappearance of Link En Fuego’s “Episode” features after exactly 4 months—because I have to restart my computer (and, thus, Safari) after downloading the OS X 10.4.11 update; and also because, at the moment, the said application is hungrily consuming 650 megabytes of RAM—which, I admit, is the reason why I wanted to upgrade to Safari 3 in the first place. But on to the bookmarks.

I understand about seventy-five percent of everything that Rands wrote in The Nerd Handbook, and I am currently single, so I must be a nerd. Rats. So much for “Account Planning” and “understanding people.”

The blue pill, the red pill. Deconverting from Christianity, reconverting into Christianity. Off the bandwagon, on the bandwagon. While this whole compare-and-contrast business may sound like: a) A Seinfeld episode, or 2) A copy-heavy testimonial advertisement with subtle references to Viagra, it provides an interesting read.

“…develop the habit of letting small bad things happen. If you don’t, you’ll never find time for the life-changing big things…” I don’t know how I should respond to Mr. Ferris’ philosophy of “Let[ting] the small bad things happen and mak[ing] the big good things happen”—but I will get back to you on that.

“ Between blaming Adam for everything from poisons to sweating and T-Rexes eating coconuts and a particularly memorable placard explaining why in early Biblical times it was perfectly fine to have sex with your close relatives, it’s just way too over the top.” John Scalzi’s report on his visit to the Creation Museum is sharp and hillarious. I recommend without hesitation that you read this excellent article now.

I mainly drink tea, so The Portland Barista Personality Index 2007, carefully assembled by, is for you caffeinated Portlanders.

AND LASTLY, I shall bring to you twenty-six photographs of Dumbo Octopus—which name Link En Fuego proudly displayed as part of its tagline for the first three months or so—and his friends from the deep seas. Proceed with caution.

And thus I am free to restart this electronic device and bask in the enjoyment of Safari version three. Good night.