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“As an enthusiastic omnivore I don’t like food bans of any kind.

Yet I have to admit that food bans have often resulted in interesting culinary developments.”

Another great article on how constraints always lead to unconventional thinking, which in turn produces creative solutions.

Some more excerpts from the said article:

For example, in Europe the Catholic Church’s proscription on eating meat on Fridays lead to the development of a huge range of fish dishes, especially salted and smoked ones for those with no easy access to the sea.

Brandade de morue, the thick smooth garlicky salt cod puree that is a great classic of French bistro cooking, is one result. Similarly Chinese Buddhists developed soya products in the most amazing ways, while Indian upvas cooking traditions have kept alive offbeat ingredients like water-chestnut flour and amaranth seeds.

Truly fascinating. Good night.