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Q: Why Must Architects Be Freaking Punctilious At Everything?

And why do we designers seem to be so loose and easygoing compared to them?


Firstly, because a building or a house is infinitely more complex than a piece of design. With lots of physical variables to consider (ie. gravity) and tons of things that can go wrong at the slightest miscalculation, architects HAVE to specify everything that they can or risk a ruined building.

Secondly, because a piece of design can be reprinted and revised even after production phase, and a piece of building cannot. Okay, they can, but it’s highly unlikely that anyone would want to destroy a house which they have just built.

In short, we work under relatively vague constraints and they work under very specific parameters. So they’re freaking punctilious because they have to. Let’s all be thankful that we don’t; that we only have brand guidelines to worry about and not the entire City Planning Commission.

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