Bram Pitoyo, Interlude, Lesson of The Moment

Following My Last Post About My Overarching Playlist Criteria

Here are some qualities that I judge a piece of advertisement by, two of them taken from my last post, proving once again that even the two most disparate fields of knowledge—in this case, music and advertising—do intersect somewhere. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Adherence to creative brief. Sure, customers (and sometimes creative team) might not care about this, but I do. Advertising that doesn’t serve as anything (or practiced for its own sake) is simply bad practice. Go as experimental or viral as you want, but do have a sound strategy to back it up.
  • Wittiness. The ad has to engage me in such a way that I’m thinking and (preferably) smiling at the same time—whenever appropriate. I say this because that may not apply in certain cases, like a donation/begging ad. If one manages to make a donation/begging ad witty, he/she must be a rock star—because not many people possess the ability to do that sort of thing.
  • Authenticity. You know what I mean. We got so good at this, we can even sniff out even the most sophisticated Astroturfing in mere moments. Remember, genuineness isn’t something a brand say, write or think about, it’s something it does, by nature.
  • Narrative. Even a blipvert must tell a story successfully if it is to succeed. This is one of the reason why things like 1/60th” spot (!) would never work.

Good night.