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Q: Have Anyone On The Internet Identified The Fonts That The 2008 Presidential Candidates Used In Their Campaign Logos, Side By Side?

A: I don’t think so. So now proudly I present to you The 2008 Field Guide To Presidential Campaign Identity Typeface Identification (FGTP-CITI ’08), sorted in no particular order of importance and/or visual gloss.

John Edwards Campaign Logo
Gotham Ultra.

Dennis Kucinich Campaign Logo
Palatino Roman, italic currently unidentified save for its uncanny resemblance to Times New Roman.

Mike Gravel Campaign Logo
Adobe Garamond Bold. Backward apostrophe (thanks Stewf.)

Bill Richardson Campaign Logo
Trajan, the movie font and Helvetica with a lot of gloss.

Rudy Giuliani Campaign Logo
Possibly Berthold Baskerville Book Medium unsure..

Duncan Hunter Campaign Logo
Minion Bold and some kind of a gothic yet unidentified Helvetica Compressed (thanks Auricfuzz.) Also, it has a backward apostrophe (thanks Stewf.)

John McCain Campaign Logo
Optima Black.

Ron Paul Campaign Logo
Palatino Roman and Optima Roman, though the numericals seem to use a different face. The numeric uses Optima Medium, so the text might’ve used that same face, too (thanks Auricfuzz.)

Mitt Romney Campaign Logo
Melior Bold and Gotham Bold.

Fred Thompson Campaign Logo
Somehow manages to look familiar and unidentifiable all at once—can you give me a tip on this? Hint: look at the ‘r’ teardrop and tapered ending and bowl-ending on ‘e’ and ‘d.’

Hillary Clinton Campaign Logo
Possibly some kind of a condensed (or, god forbid, digitally squashed) Baskerville unsure and Univers 85 Extra Black Oblique.

And finally,
Barack Obama Campaign Logo
Definitely one of the easiest to identify. Perpetua and Gill Sans. His website uses an ample amount of Gotham.

Thank you, and see you in 2012.


13 thoughts on “Q: Have Anyone On The Internet Identified The Fonts That The 2008 Presidential Candidates Used In Their Campaign Logos, Side By Side?

  1. auricfuzz says:

    Nice work. To add to it, I’m pretty sure that the sans that Hunter uses is Helvetica Compressed. For Paul, I think in fact the numerals do use Optima (might be Optima Nova). I thought for sure that Thompson used something by Zapf or Slimbach, but I couldn’t find a match on MyFonts.

    Reed Reibstein

  2. @stewf: thank you, as always, sir! I made corrections in the post.

    @auricfuzz: you are right. Hunter uses Helvetica compressed, and the numerics actually came from Optima Medium, not normal. Thompson might used something by them, but that short ascender still bothers me 🙂 Please do give me a tip if you ever find a match for this.

    @clothedchef: you’re welcome! Are you coming from Typophile?

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