Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

I Want To Bid All Of The Folks Who Have Kindly Take Their Time To Visit From Penny Arcade And Something Awful Forums A Friendly “Welcome”—

—to be exact, from here and here.

So now that I have apparently honed my skill at typeface demystification and political design critique enough (though not as good as Mr. Peters, Mr. Coles, Mr. Spiekermann or the rest of the Typophile userbase), I will kindly offer my service to identify any typeface that you readers (or first-time visitors) might be wondering about.

All you need to do is post a comment with a link to the image of your mystery typefaces, and I will try my best at identifying them.

After which you may wait and pray to the font gods, consult your local design blogs or look at a graphically striking proBama poster by Mr. Fairey. (via Veer’s The Skinny)

And thank you to the user flightinfilipino for finding and linking to the said article. God Bless his google-fu skill.

Sounds good?

Good night.