Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Interlude

“As you know I consider myself a leading expert on typefaces since I took a single calligraphy class as an undergraduate more than thirty years ago. And frankly I’ve got a few bones to pick with the way this edition of FP has been set and laid out…”

Entries like this remind me how Fake Steve Jobs is so eerily close to the original—and how the font identification skill level of a tech journalist might be much higher than we (designers) think.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

Posting This Picture Does Not, In Any Way, Implies That I Started My On Again–Off Again Affairs With Portable Videogaming And Japanese Food

The brown touchpad, however, does not seem very appetizing.

Cabel Sasser of Panic Software, if you’re listening, I think you’ll like the above.

Good night.

Bram Pitoyo, Etc., Links

I Love How Opacity’s Website Copy Is Organized

Lookie here. Its Workflow page is written directly comparing “The Old Way” with “The New Way” of doing things. Brilliant approach for a product that blends the functionalities of several pre-existing programs so you don’t have to Apple+Tab like crazy.

There should be more web copy written in this manner, although I regret that the reappearance of the same block of text over and over again (“Start with Illustrator to make vector graphics you can use at high resolutions…” etc.) weakened it.

See Panic’s Coda for comparison.