Bram Pitoyo, Interlude, Lesson of The Moment

Lesson of The Moment: The Most Successful Letter In the History of the World

This is proof that good copywriting can not only produce good result, but is also timeless. It also brought me to the realization that, in print ads, I almost never remember the visual but only the headline (ie. “Remember that ad with a small VW car on the grey page that ran a long time ago?”, “Oh, it’s called ‘Lemon’ isn’t it?”)

Today, we see ‘no copy’ ads practically running the Advertising/Design Annuals afoot (no pun intended.) Of course they’re great. And they have ‘big ideas.’ And they’re clever as hell. I’ll give you that. But if you ask me now, I can’t remember a single instance of those ads.

I suspect that a missing headline might have something to do with it.

Found via Signal vs. Noise.