Bram Pitoyo, Etc.

On Linkage and Recommendation

First of all, much thanks to the Silicon Florist for all the links, and for this remark:

I may have just found that elusive “event correspondent” I’ve been seeking in Bram Pitoyo.

Second of all, if there is a creative/tech event that you’d like me to go to, please leave a message. And yes, Mr. Early Adopter, I know that this blog isn’t OpenID enabled, and that makes me a bad technology enthusiast. but kindly fill the username/password fields, leave a message, and then maybe I will treat you to an amazingly good mac ’n cheese.

Anyway, I started this series to be a guide to our unique startup scene. I felt that it may serve as a starting point for someone who’s looking to connect to the community but don’t know where to start, and source of endless midday amusement (among Twitter, of course) for those of us who had: 1) developed an ironic sensibility but is looking to be entertained with something other than Thrillist or VSL, and 2) believed that we are ripe for some sort of a citywide creative renaissance. I seriously believe in #2, by the way.

Forewarning: reviews will get more biased as days get warmer.

I will probably see you tomorrow at PDXWI Publishing Platform Wars, which is decidedly better than a vi–Emacs war, as it will be presented in full color, and with plenty of gradients.

Thank you.