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Resume Do’s & Don’ts

Do’s, Don’ts & Maybes


  • Have it in mutiple formats: Word, PDF, Printed, Online.
  • Design it in the style you wish to design
  • Reader friendly
  • One page
  • List items in order of importance
  • Use active verbs (Great resource for resume action verbs:
  • Emphasize relevant skills
  • Quantify if you can
  • Give concrete examples of accomplishments (“saved company 8 billion dollars”)
  • Common abbreviations and bullet points okay (avoid full sentences)


  • Lie or misrepresent yourself
  • Try to be something you aren’t
  • Use personal pronouns like ‘I’ or ‘Me’
  • List High School—nobody cares
  • Include irrelevant hobbies
  • Give reasons for termination
  • Include salary requirements or salary history
  • Include a photo of yourself
  • Mention marital status or children
  • Use cliche adjectives like “dynamic self starter”
  • Go back too far in your history


  • USE AN OBJECTIVE? Some say yes, some say no. If you’re having trouble keeping to one page then definitely no. If you do use an objective make sure it is well written, will fit any job you are interested in and focuses on what you will do for the company
  • WHY NOT try to “show” your objective through your style/design (if you have a well defined identity, it should come through.)
  • REFERENCES upon request is optional (it’s considered a given)
  • GPA/honors etc. may or may not be important—be cautious. Don’t use unless you really think it’s appropriate

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