Bram Pitoyo, Layer Tennis

Announcing The Link En Fuego Layer Tennis Series

But first, a little history.

Layer Tennis as a competitive sport was started by Coudal Partners as Photoshop Tennis, followed by Veer as Lightboxing, then revived again as Layer Tennis last fall.

This one is done over email, recapped over blog posts, and played among close group of friends as substitute of smack-talking and pushing each other around the bush.

In order of appearance (and if somebody still have the time to make a volley) the contestants are:

  1. Bram Pitoyo
  2. Jackson Sherwood – skipped
  3. Tori Hartke – are you still game?
  4. Allison McKeever

(If nobody among us have time, I may open it to the Twitterverse—perhaps starting with local designers. The ambitious idea, then, is to have enough designers that the list would go on ad infinitum. Everyone may not volley more than once, but she will get to see volleys from every designer. Rinse and repeat.)

Here we go. The first volley:
Layer Tennis Volley 1 - Bram

Download PSD.

We will see you soon.