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Portland Lunch 2.0 v4 @ Wieden+Kennedy: An Event Review

Portland Lunch 2.0 v4 at Wieden+Kennedy

Where: Come on, now.

When: Monday, June 30, 2008, 12:00 – 2:00 pm

What it’s about: This time, it’s different. Instead of freestanding, you have comfy amphitheater seating. Instead of spontaneous connections, you have “dates”: someone from the agency that you paired up with and burned a DVD full of your inspirations for.

As a result, communication moved at a more relaxed pace. The last Lunch 2.0 at Vidoop, if you recall, was a race. I got into a new conversation with a new person every 3–5 minutes, and didn’t even end up eating half a sandwich (thankfully, I didn’t miss the bacon wrapped date.)

My passion is to meet as many likeminded folks who play in the intersection between creativity and technology as possible, tell their stories, and connect them with people who can inspire. So, while doing it fast-paced was great, being able to talk to your new friends (who you may not meet at Beer and Blog or Portland Web Innovators later that week) without being rushed or overwhelmed by ambient conversation is also important.

(And, frankly, the swags was quite good. @missburrows had a bag containing, among other things, 50+ pink stickers with dog breed acronyms on them.)

Translation: Frankly, the only technical skill you need is DVD burning. The “package” that everyone picked up two weeks before the event contained your “date”’s bio, along with a blank DVD that you ought to fill with anything that you think the said date will enjoy.

Interestingness: &9757; &9757; &9757; &9757; ½
Translation: Half star is deducted, because the game Rockband should’ve been projected on the overhead screen and ampitheatre’s sound system, so the whole agency may inadvertently bask in pure 80’s power rock bliss.

What I Learned From The Event In Six Words:
Pace change helps forge new connections.