Bram Pitoyo, Christine Vo, Portland Creative/Tech Event Review

COLABORATORY Reporting Plans

Take 10 of the most driven advertising students in the country. Give them three different roles. Put them in an agency for two week for an extensive internship. Then repeat this process two more times.

Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? And we couldn’t ask for a better reporting venue when two of our authors, Christine Vo and Allison McKeever were selected to be in this program.

Here are our plans:

Allison McKeever, our official automotive blogger and a Project/Account Manager in the program is journaling her internship experience.

I hope to get in touch with some of the agencies to work out an arrangement wherein I get to shadow a team for a day and then report it creative/tech event review-style.

And if we’re lucky Christine Vo will get out of her “I’m a designer, not a writer” mode and also decided to journal her experience. Thanks, Christine!