Thursday, July 17, 2008 is the COLABORATORY interns’ last days on their first agencies. They will spend this Friday working with their respective teams for the final project.

60 Seconds to Sell
Megan Nuttall:

Meeting at greeting at PDXmindshare isn’t all that different that trying to hold your own at a frat party—just less grinding and drinking.

Last day at HMH
Whitney Bard:

Note to self, my plan for after I graduate: GET MY FOOT IN THE DOOR AT HMH.

My last day at The|New|Group
Christine Vo:
Time has really flown by fast and I’ve had a great time here at TNG. The environment here has been super chill and everyone is really open and friendly. I have honestly met some of the most genuine and intelligent people here and I hope to stay connected after my experiences here.

CoLab-ers unite!!
Kim Karalekas:

This will be short and sweet: the CoLab-ers all got together last night at the PDX mindshare event

My Time In The Fishbowl
Mary McPherson:

The most important lesson I have learned thus far is perhaps obvious to some. Talk to everyone not only about your assignments and work, but about their lives and how they got to where they are.