Bram Pitoyo, COLABORATORY Round Up, Links


Taking stock as our first intern move on
Mason West:

I don’t have any proof to point you to yet—it’s all stuff that’s gone on behind the scenes. But four weeks from now, I’ll be the first to blow the lid off their great work.

Vo + Karalekas = Trouble
Christine Vo:

It is 2AM and [we] have yet to even start. We’ve been quite occupied with other things which you can watch below.

Week two, last day roundup
Kim Karalekas:

Best advice of the day came from Leticia Kleinberg: The best way to get a job is to already have one – it’s like being in a relationship – you are so much more desirable when you’re taken…

The End of The Second Week
Allison McKeever:

[…] instead of the teams (Kiwi and Lattice) breaking apart for the entire six weeks to develop their own projects we thought it would be more beneficial to collaborate as one team and bust out the research.

And a short entry by Whitney Bard about yesterday’s group meeting at ID Branding.

Good night.